Здравствуйте х) Для начала хочу выразить вам огромную благодарность за ваше творчество, богиня. Безусловно, вы - богиня своего дела :3 обожаю вас. Тут мне в голову закралась дурацкая мысль - пересечь вашего ОС (Йенса) и моего (Йонне) вышло убогое говнище, собственно,как и качество фото,к сожалению тт мне стыдно такое постить публично.    еще раз извиняюсь за качество(

[ООООООООМММГГГГГГГГ!!!!!*_________* Спасибо огромное хахахах!)))))))) Черт, ваще прям аааа спасибо!! Рисунок просто супер!)))) я, вроде, даже смогла прочитать все буковки))) спасибище!!]

[I think I’ll translate it a bit ^^ sends many sweet words to me and also a drawing where their OC Ionne (sorry if I spelled it wrong in eng) meets Yens XDD Looks like here Yens took a very wrong book to read in a restroom XDDD

Text in pic:

"Hmmm… what do we have here to read…"

"The fuck you need??"

"Where the hell did you get from?! Toilet Satan! Why some fuckers always cling to me…"]

Yens: I wanna swing my dong all day!!



Whoops went random again

Yens: Sometimes it looks like I have two dogs >.<

Does Jason often spank Yens? =u=




Jason: Not as often as I’d like. I do it pretty rarely to save his ass.



Yens: That&#8217;s&#8230;. that was me jerking off harshly and cut my finger&#8230; and&#8230; ugh&#8230; the rest of mah body&#8230; NEVERMIND!!!!!

Yens: That’s…. that was me jerking off harshly and cut my finger… and… ugh… the rest of mah body… NEVERMIND!!!!!

LOL XD I think I’ll take 5 posts with boobs ^^ (concidering my speed of answering XD )



Yens: I know, I know, that’s above greatness, but I know, I’m pretty talented.

Yens: But to tell you the truth I love living near the source of infinite terror, fuck yeah. Like on a volcano

Note: Never take Yens to sushi bar.

Yens: Yeah, I know that’s the question about my work, but lemme keep it in secret! MUAHAHAHAHA Since you mentioned food, I couldn’t fucking stand!! I LOVE SPEAKING ABOUT FOOD!!!!!!!

Yens: Ugh… well. I used to have two of them. But my elder bro Vince has died and now there’s just this dick-faced bitch, Airens, my twin, is left. I’d honestly prefer him dead instead. Well, he hates me too, ha-ha. And Vince was… I admired him. He was so cool, so strong. Hey he had once smashed my face so strong I lost my tooth! Lol. Well thankfully that was milk-tooth. And yep, he did it for a reason. I put a rotten fish in his boots and told Airens that Vince’s feet stink like woman. He laughed. I was damn proud of my joke. Well, until I had to pay for it. But honestly I miss Vince.  Fuuuuuuck!!! I’m not use to be that outspoken! Fucking drink. *looks at the bottle*

Ok ok I’m almost done with random stuff XD

Ah yeah not everyone appreciate crossdressing X’D Ouch…